Saturday, November 25, 2006

Flour varieties

I have a habit of grabbing various flours that I'm not familiar with just to see how they work as a yeast bread. Right now I have several to be used, and decided to post links to a few for future reference. Even the ones that don't work well in yeast breads are commonly used in flat breads, which is another project to tackle.

Buckwheat flour. The relevant points to me, it can be combined with up to an equal amount of wheat flour to make a very nutritious bread, and it goes rancid if improperly stored. So I think the buckwheat loaf will be coming up soon.

Teff flour. Again, the relevant points for me are that it's highly nutritious, but I can only use a limited amount in yeast bread to maintain a good rise and texture. I figure a few tablespoons tossed in should work well. It's also good for a type of Ethiopian flat bread.

Amaranth flour. The important points for me, it can be mixed with wheat as 25% of a yeast bread loaf, again very nutritious and good for flat breads.

One of my goals is to make a loaf with whole wheat and other flours that is very good for me, and tastes good with a decent rise. I'll start making some basic loaves with these flours included and see what happens. My millet and flax meal loaves are tasting good, and tonight I baked loaves with an egg yolk in the dough to see how that affects the texture and longevity of the bread.