Sunday, June 10, 2007

Challah breakfast rolls

As part of my ongoing quest to bake for the Lawrence Farmer's Market at some point, I decided to come up with a sweet breakfast roll. This has to meet a few criteria, including taste, texture the next morning, ease of packaging and eating, and no more difficult to make than any other bread I do. So I did up a simple challah dough (I think I called it Challah #2, it has 3 eggs in the recipe and 17 oz flour), divided it into 8 quarter pound rolls after the first proof, and after the second proof I squished about half flat to see how they do after baking. I did the egg glaze, then sprinkled them with brown sugar and cinnamon. The results were good, I'll see how they are tomorrow and try again soon with a slight modification to the recipe, and I'll mix the brown sugar with the egg glaze next time to see how well it covers the rolls. I'll also try both baking right after the first rise much like I do the flatbreads, and see how the challah does when formed like a flatbread but allowed to rise.

I'm liking this project, it's yummy.