Saturday, June 02, 2007

Bulk Baking part 2

My experiment with bulk baking went pretty well, I was able to fit 5 one pound loaves on a single baking sheet, although I'll only do 4 in the future so they have better shapes and less contact with the ones beside them. Two went to neighbors, two to my mother in law today, and the last was breakfast, toasted with a bit of spread and peach preserves along with the last of the goose eggs made into an omelet.

The next bulk baking experiment will be to see if 8 half pound loaves fit comfortably on a single baking sheet, and to test baking times.

If anyone was curious, the bread was a bit of wheat flour mixed with regular bread flour and high gluten flour for fluff, and flax meal tossed in for flavor, texture and aesthetics.

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