Monday, December 03, 2007

parchment paper delight...

parchmentpaper You may notice an odd angle in this picture, that's because it was taken my my 6 year old. Recently I ordered more parchment paper online, which I had done before but this time I sought out an entire package of 500 full sheet pan sized sheets, which fit a standard home sheet pan when torn in half. Prices for the exact same package ranged from $44 delivered to over $109, depending on where you looked. I ended up getting mine from here because they had the best price including shipping. So now I have a massive package of huge sheets of baking parchment, which should last me over a year even with my vast amounts of baking. They work real well when I bake on a stone in the oven, no sticking at all and easy dismount from the peel. It also keeps cheese from dripping onto the stone if you work carefully.

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